My Capstone Journey #6

  1. Interview Stakeholders
    Whether that be experts in the field of designing for public transit, individuals who have personal interest and skills on the topic, or people who work directly with it everyday, there are an abundance of insights I could gain from such individuals. I also want to have firsthand conversations with community organizers who focus on public transit advocacy.
  2. Conduct a survey.
    To tap into who my audience is firsthand, I will post a QR code flyer at several bus stops around uptown, which may tap into multiple routes. My hope is that riders can take the quick survey on their phones while they wait for the bus.
  1. Interview Individuals/Riders
    These interviews are meant to be minimal and short, upon the assumption that individuals will have limited time as they wait for their bus. Insights I am searching for is where the riders feel the bus system is weak, and what might discourage people from riding.
  2. Observational Research
    Observe rider behaviors at various uptown bus stops, examining how long they wait for their bus, what they do while they wait, and read their expressions. I will write down my observations.This may also come in the form of images and perhaps timelapsed videos. This may also extend to observing passengers on the interior of the bus as well.
  3. Ethnographic Research
    Ride the bus myself, experience the system firsthand. Document the experience with images and lists of observational notes. Having not ridden the bus in two years (personally I never needed to), this was a huge opportunity for discovery on what it’s like to ride the bus and experience a system that I hadn’t used in a long time. My hesitancies and struggles to access information can also inform the gaps I am trying to fill with my project.




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